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Choose your impact

Is it that simple? Can you choose to make an impact? Of course it is. You can choose to merely do your job, to meet spec and to follow someone else’s path. Or, you can dig in and transform your contribution. You can level up, taking advantage of the world-changing array of tools and connections…

Promotion, demotion and opportunity

You can learn a new skill, today, for free. You can take on a new task at work, right now, without asking anyone. You can make a connection, find a flaw, contribute an insight, now. Or not. In a fluid system, when people are moving forward, others are falling behind. The question, then, isn’t, “when…

Sometimes, you have to believe it in order to see it

In a hyper-rational world, this sounds like voodoo. Persuading ourselves in advance is no way to see the world as it is. But what if your goal is to see the world as it could be? It’s impossible to do important innovation in any field with your arms crossed and a scowl on your face….